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Mediawijs.be, the Flemish Knowledge Centre for Media Literacy, started in January 2013 on initiative of the Flemish Government and in collaboration with iMinds Media.

Mediawijs.be wants to make all citizens today and tomorrow able to consciously, critically and actively move themselves in a mediatized society. It plays a coordinating and inspiring role within the media literacy field. The aim of Mediawijs.be is to strengthen the media literacy initiatives, by bringing together partners in the working field, the private and public sector in consultation and collaboration courses. It plays an active role in vision and policy development with and for the sector. Through knowledge and practice development, it contributes to innovation on the level of content, project phrasing and –operations.

Mediawijs.be strives towards this aim by:

  • Consultation and coordination
  • Innovation and synergy
  • Practice and methods
  • Knowledge development and –sharing
  • Vision and policy development

On Mediawijs.be, you can find all sorts of information on media literacy


The daily operations take shape through a team of regular employees.

  • Prof. dr. Leo Van Audenhove, Director
  • Andy Demeulenaere, General Coordinator
  • Bert Pieters, Education and projects
  • Elke Boudry, Knowledge management and platforms, mooc, projects
  • Laure Van Hoecke, Education and non-profit
  • Hadewijch Vanwynsberghe, Research, competence model, impact and measurement
  • Sanne Hermans, Communication, events and campaign

Steering committee

The steering committee follows the major strategic lines and realizations of Mediawijs.be, gives counsel, guidance and advice if necessary. It is a sounding board towards the wide sector. The steering committee helps, on a strategic level, smoothen the way to create synergies and coordination within and over the different sectors who are active in the field of media literacy.

In the steering committee are:

  • Michel Walrave, chairman - MIOS, UA
  • Leo Van Audenhove, director - iMinds-SMIT VUB
  • Pieter Verdegem - iMinds-MICT UGent
  • Martijn Bal - iMinds vzw
  • Wies Herpol - Kabinet Gatz
  • David Loyen - VSNG
  • Andy Demeulenaere - Mediaraven.be
  • Caroline Uyttendaele - Departement CJSM
  • Jan De Creamer - Departement Onderwijs
  • Philippe Van Meerbeeck - VRT
  • Dirk Terryn - Canon Cultuurcel
  • Dirk Vanhegen - Medianet Vlaanderen
  • Mary Berkhout - Mediawijzer.net

Consultation platforms

The Knowledge Centre is active in coordinating and stimulating the collaboration between actors from the government, the midfield, the media sector and the research field. That is why different consultation platforms with different stakeholders from the field were organized. The consultation platforms meets:

  • The potential needs, expectations and interest fields
  • The identification of the current needs
  • Specific topics
  • The creation of a broader public support
  • The development of a long-term vision
  • A multi-stakeholder composition

The consultation platform which will be addressed:

  • Research
  • Education
  • Social-Cultural sector and well-being work
  • Media industry
  • General Media literacy platform

Besides this, Mediawijs.be also sets up several expert groups on specific needs and questions from the sector.

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