Article launches the Mediacoach MOOC launched early 2015 with ‘Media coach MOOC’, a first online learning course on media literacy. Through videos and background information, participants get to know more on various topics such as privacy, online identity and media & relationships. Not only theorie is present. Participants also receive knowledge questions and background information. The Media coach MOOC is an initiative of, LINC vzw, Mediaraven, Locus and UCLeuven-Limburg.

The Media coach MOOC aims at for instance teachers, youth work, library staff and other professionals interested in media literacy. The Media coach MOOC learning course starts on 15th January 2015. During spring, other modules will constantly be added to the course. These will be made available online for free for everyone. Interested people can register on the website of

Media coach MOOC

The Media coach MOOC consists of 9 modules. After two introduction sessions on media literacy, there are 7 thematic sessions: online identity, privacy, information & advertisement, media production, media & game, media & relationships, and a social media policy in your organization. Each module consists of a video where experts share their insights on a certain topic. Further along, each module also has background information and several knowledge questions. This way, the participants can check if they understood the content.

Media coach PRO

The content of the Media coach MOOC came about through a collaboration with the initiators of the Media coach training, LINC vzw, LOCUS, UCLeuven-Limburg and Mediaraven, and many others that wanted to share their expertise. The modules of the online learning course of the Media coach MOOC make up the foundation of the Media coach training. The participants of the Media coach ‘Pro’-training attend a more elaborate course. During this extensive course, there is also attention for (offline) exchange with actors from different sectors and the participants will concretely work together on media literacy. Besides this, the media coaches in training will also be coached in setting up a media literacy project in their own work environment. After attending the Media coach PRO training, the media coaches receive a certificate so they can work as a media coach. Participants who only attend the free online course receive at the end of the course no certificate. But after the sessions, they will undoubtedly accumulated a lot of knowledge on media literacy. And for those who want to attend the Media coach Pro training afterwards, this online course is a nice step towards it.

Are you in?

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The participants of the basic course Media coach MOOC receive access to the free learning platform. On this, the videos, background information and knowledge questions are shared. Curious on who the experts are? Look at some videos where some of the experts introduce themselves on our Instagram account.

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