White Paper Media Literacy

The field of media literacy is a broad field and includes diverse actors of different levels, content approaches, kinds of media and sectors. This way, the field is very rich and diverse, but there is not always enough cross-pollination between the different initiatives. The flow of information, sharing of knowledge and collaboration are therefore also crucial. Here, has taken on a crucial role the past two years and should fully continue to put effort into this coordinating, supporting role.

The White Paper of puts forward a number of recommendations for a more focused media literacy policy. Here, different options and suggestions are bundled that can shape the policy in the coming years.

Working on media literacy

The research ‘Werken aan mediawijsheid. Veldtekening mediawijsheid 2013’ (Bens J. & Segers L.) forms the foundation for this White Paper. This second field description, an update and expansion of the first field description performed in 2011-12 (Vermeersch et al. 2012), analyses the different actors that set up media literate activities in Flanders in the year 2013. The field description maps the policy domains where these actors are situated in. The aspects of media literacy included in these activities, the goals they want to realize and the geographical distribution of these actors in Flanders were questioned.

Recommendations based on a sector analysis

Based on this questioning, a number of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities came forward. The most remarkable findings were presented to the broad sector during four focus group conversations. Based on both the analysis of the field description and the results of the focus group conversations, a number of recommendations were formulated. After all, insight into the working field contributes to a more focused media literacy policy.

You can download the full White Paper as a pdf here.